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                                                      Worst Mini Ever Challenge

Worst Miniature ever ?

A 28mm sci-fi mini made by Black Ork Games was displayed on TMP
. A number of people thought it was the worst mini ever, and a challenge was laid down to anyone who wanted to paint it. Several people accepted the challenge including me. Scale Creep miniatures has given away several of the miniatures and will decide which if any is the best painted figure. You can follow my effort to paint the figure as i add pictures showing the progress i make.

Step one: This is the infamous figure. Unpainted and ready for priming. The figure itself won't be modified but i have mounted it on a base. As you can see, the figure isn't exactly the best in the world. I'm pretty sure it's meant to be a cyborg. The left arm holding an over sized gun, the right arm is mechanical. There are parts of the figure that I'm not sure about, for instance why does this chick wear a cod piece?

Step 2:
This second picture shows the miniature after being sprayed with a white undercoat. It does help show the detail on the figure even though there isn't much of it.

The hardest part is going to decide on colours that enhance the figure and bring out the half human half android, car crash look.



After undercoating I paint the base colours. In this case i've tried to keep things simple. Anything complicated probably won't work on such a bad miniature. I've gone for a red on the plates covering the mechanical bits(blobs), this will help define the difference between human and android. The metallic parts will become a steel colour but i like to have a bronze base coat for metallic colours. The Gun will remain mainly black. This will hide the poor modelling and the bad joints. The clothing i'm not sure about. The green shorts look ok but i'm going to change the small top to a brighter colour. Unfortunately i can't do much with the squashed face so the flesh will be pale. I've gone for black hair to hide poor sculpting again. The flesh was the first colour to be finished. This helped to see a more defined model.













Although the figure is nearly finished, I'm beginning to lose the will to live. I've used the foundry bright red 3 pot set to get a dull red. The green top just didn't look right so i changed it to yellow and changed the cod piece as well. The figure has got a future street wars look about it and actually looks much better in real life. It's never going to be a great figure but it's not the worst either.

Well that's the miniature finished. I've tried to keep it simple because the more detail i tried to pick out the uglier it became. The gun is just awful and should be changed. The other main fault is the face, it's flat and out of shape. I suppose these imperfections could be overlooked due to the figure being an android but their just too noticeable. Despite taking many pictures under different conditions i can't make the figure look any better in a picture either, it's just not photogenic(no surprise there then).Over all i would rate the figure 4/10, in real life it does look better then these pictures show.

If anyone wants to see the original picture that led to this challenge it can be seen on TMP web site.

 Cherry 101 cyborg Girl on TMP

Should you ever feel the need to purchase the figure, you can do so Here from Black ork games.

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