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Links & Resources

Figure and Terrain providers.

4Ground laser cut MDF buildings and models

AB figures/Fighting 15s  Some of the best 18mm Napoleonics around.

Adler Miniatures .. 6mm figures.

Andrea Miniatures.. Large Scale Models

Antenociti's Workshop material for building scenery and terrain.

Artizan Designs 25mm WW2.

Assault Group .. 28mm Miniatures

Baccus 6mm .. 6mm figures

Battlefield miniatures 20mm WW2.

Baueda wargames supplies .. Tents, camps and buildings

Black cat bases .. Scenic's of various scales.

Black Hat Miniatures ..

Black Ork Games sci-fi & Fantasy Figures

Black Scorpion

Black tree design ltd  Black tree design 28mm miniatures.

Boltaction miniatures...28mm ww2 figures

Britannia Miniatures 20 and 25mm figures some excellent ranges .Especially their wild west.

Bronze age Miniatures .. 32mm and 54mm Fantasy figures

Caliver books..Large selection of Historical and Military books

Calpe Miniatures 28mm Napoleonic's.

Chiltern Miniatures .. Many different ranges stocked

Conquest miniatures ..28mm figures ,with some excellent native American indians .

Copplestone castings  28mm fine sculptured ranges ,including ''back of beyond''

CP Models      20m WWII high quality design and casting.

Crocodile Games .. 28mm Egyptian Mythology

Cromwell models. some of the best model AFVs you can buy.

Crusader Miniatures ..28mm Figures.

Curteys miniatures 28mm Eastern medieval figures.

Dixon miniatures 15,20 and 25mm figures.

East riding miniatures  figures rules and games.

Ebob miniatures.. Great braveheart figures in 28mm

Elhiem Miniatures 20mm ww2

Empress Miniatures .. 28mm Historical including Zulu wars and Spanish civil war

Eureka Miniatures

Essex Miniatures  15 and 25mm you can't go wrong with Essex.

Fantassin miniatures 

Fighting15s The new home for ABs Napoleonics

Flags for the Lads  15 and 25mm Wargames flags .in my opinion the best on the market today.

Flames of War .. 15mm WW II

Footsore Miniatures - 28mm Dark age figures

Forge World .. Games workshop Speciality models.

 Foundry website  Wargames foundry .nothing else needs to be said.

Front Rank figurines some of the best 25mm figures ever.

Galloping Major .. 28mm French Indian wars.

Gamers Quest .. 28mm Sci-Fi and Fantasy figures.

Grand Manner ..Finely detailed model buildings .

Great war Miniatures .. WW I Figures in 28mm

Gringo 40s ..  40mm High Quality Figures

Gripping Beast 25mm figures beautifully crafted .check out there new Carthaginians!!

Grubby Tanks & Britannia Miniatures

Hasslefree Miniatures .. 28mm fantasy

Hersant Military books

Historex Agents...A uk distributor for many makes of model figures.

Hovels ltd       hovels buildings.

Immortal Miniatures.. 28mm Ancients

Irregular Miniatures .. All sorts of equipment in many scales

Kingmaker miniatures  28mm medievals.

Lancashire games .. 15, 20 and 25mm figures.

Langton Miniatures .. Naval models.

Legio Heroica     15mm Crusades

Millicast models..1:76th scale models.

Magister Militum .. Many ranges including the old Chariot miniatures.

Miniature Figurines .. Most periods in 15mm and 28mm

Miniature Headquarters...USA based distributor for the wargamer.

musketeer-miniatures ...28mm Dark ages

Museum Miniatures 15mm figures ,many periods covered and a very friendly service.

Navwar productions ltd   Manufacturers of fine cast military and naval miniatures.

Neomics .. Fantasy 28mm (Fantasy football)

North star figures

Old Glory uk 15 and 25mm historical figures .many periods to chose from.

Orks Nest Miniatures .. 28MM Fantasy

Osprey Publishing .. Military, uniform and campaign books

Parkfield Miniatures .. 15,25 and 28mm figures.

Pegaso models ..Exquisite large scale models

Perry miniatures   the Perry twins new web site.

Peter Pig   peter pig 15mm oink!

Pig Iron Productions .. 28mm Sci-Fi

Redoubt Enterprise .. 28mm various ranges.

Renegade miniatures 28mm figures 

Scale Creep miniatures  American wargaming store.

Scarab Miniatures .. 28mm WW2 and Sci-Fi,

Steve Barber Models   28mm figures and accessories          

Skytrex ltd some very nice naval models.

Sloppy Jalopy .. 28mm Vehicals.

Spirit Games .. Almost everything you need

Spyglass Miniatures   28mm fantasy figures

The showcase company... display cases for all your modelling needs.

TM Terrain    Hand made buildings that look fantastic on any Wargames table

Tumbling Dice .. Figures and accessories

Two Dragons productions ..15mm samurai plus other periods.

Vallejo Paints .. Quality modelling paint.

Vendel miniatures ..28mm Historical and fantasy figures .

Veni Vidi Vici .. Shield Transfers

Victrix Miniatures.. 28mm Hard Plastic

Vis Bellica Rules and army lists for the ancient period.

War Bases - MDF cut bases for basing your miniatures.

War World Scenics - Scenery Manufacturer

Warflag   nice flags for loads of periods.

Wargames Factory .. 28mm Hard Plastic

Wargames illustrated    site of The World's Foremost Wargames Magazine.

Wargames Emporium .. Mail order & shop

Warlord Games .. 28mm Hard Plastic

Warmodelling .. 20mm WW2

westwind productions .. Historical & Fantasy Figures

Wyrd Miniatures .. 28mm fantasy

Xysten 15mm    high quality 15mm ancients.

Wargames Clubs

Aberdeen Wargames Club

Burton & District Wargames club

Crawly Wargames club

Exeter Wargames club

Falkirk & district Wargames club

Glasgow & district Wargames club

Humberside Wargames club

Kapiti Fusiliers .. New Zealand Wargaming

Macclesfield Wargames club

Manchester area Wargames club

Milton Keynes  Wargames club

Newport Wargames club

South London Warlords

South East London Wargames club

South Auckland Wargames club

Chesterfield open wargames club

South Cheshire Wargames club :
Boars Head Hotel, Kinderton street, Middlewich. Meets 2nd & 4th Wednesday of each month 7.30-11.00pm