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Ardennes 2015

I visited Belgium in 2015 and included the Ardennes. These are some pictures from my visit to the Bastogne area.

Map of the Ardennes 1944

               101st Memorial next to the Bois Jaques wood                              Bastogne Church     Main street Bastogne

 Bois Jaques wood                              German Hetzer        Memorial to the 10th Armoured Division

Below is the American Memorial at Bastogne

This is Tillet, captured by the Germans and heavily fought over.

Bizory, which made up part of the Bulge perimiter.


Overlooking Foy from the 101st Position at Bastogne

Here you can see Foy and the edge of the wood Easy company were holding. The fox holes are those left from the Battle.

La Roche en Ardenne

The River running through La Roche was a major problem for the German Advance.

La Roche
after the battle of the Bulge. The allies bombed the town after the german occupation.

Pictures from the Ardennes Battle



Ardennes 1945 in a Basement in Bastogne during an Air raid

                               Ardennes Museum photos.